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    What is a seller’s market?
    • If there’s a seller’s market in your area, now would be a great time to sell your property. Why?
    • Seller’s market happens when demand exceeds supply.
    • In translation, multiple buyers are bidding for the same property. You will receive multiple offers which could drive up the sales price.
    • If you’re a buyer, this can be a tricky terrain. The key is to act fast and make a higher offer to avoid being outbid by your competitors.
    What upgrades add value when selling your home?
    • There are several ways to add value to your property and attract multiple offers. Placing a sign in front of your home will simply not suffice.
    • A great strategy would be to fix any major structural problems before moving to the cosmetic improvements and renovations.
    • Issues like a leaking roof or a collapsed floor should be taken care of first as they can put many buyers off.
    • The next step is to beautify your home and add a touch of novelty and appeal.
    • You may want to improve existing accommodation, give the kitchen a makeover, and renovate existing bathrooms.
    • Don’t forget to clean up the garden as this can add a great deal of value to a property and make it more sellable.


    What is a buyer’s market?
    • Buyer’s markets favor those looking to buy a home, rather than those who are looking to sell.
    • Buyer’s market happens when the number of available properties for sale is greater than the number of buyers seeking to purchase a property.
    • If you’re looking to buy a home, this would be the ideal time to make a move. You would be able to buy a beautiful home at a lower price.
    • If you’re a seller, your home might stay on the market longer than average. You might also have to lower your price in order to secure a buyer.
    I’m interested in an investment property, where do I start?
    • Making a real estate investment is always a great idea whether you’re a first-time or an experienced buyer.
    • The best investors always do their due diligence before taking the plunge.
    • First and foremost aspect you must consider is your budget.
    • Your budget will dictate the size of the property, type of property, and its location.
    • If you wish to ensure success, ask the Live Local Real Estate Group for assistance and we will steer you in the right direction.
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